Jessica Alba Faced Sexism Early On

Jessica : She expressed, “I always yearned to receive the same treatment I observed men receiving. When men voiced their thoughts on the character or the story, they were praised with comments like, ‘Wow, you’re incredibly brilliant,’ but when women spoke up, they were met with skepticism, as if having an opinion was somehow confrontational, whereas a man’s assertiveness was seen as strong and powerful.”

Alba commented, “I believe there was a deeply ingrained repression toward strong women in many aspects of achieving gender equality.”

When questioned about the moments she felt most empowered in her career, she admitted that she had to consciously “allow” herself to feel that way.

She persisted, expressing, “For quite some time, I struggled with the feeling of not deserving it. Pursuing a goal is one aspect, yet allowing myself the space to acknowledge and embrace success, or even just feeling intelligent, proved to be challenging.”

“I sincerely hope everyone recognizes that my intentions are genuine. I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing individuals in my life who have chosen to stay, despite my occasional obnoxiousness and persistence. Together, we create unforgettable moments that I cherish deeply.”

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